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Also, my grandma called me this morning to see how I’m doing, but also mostly to guilt trip me for not calling enough, and then said some bullshit about how “family is all you got” and I’m just like yeah, I feel bad sometimes for not calling or spending enough time with my family, but then I remember that the only reason I avoid them so much because they are fucked up and toxic! I wish there was an easy way to say “I love you so much, but you put me through a lot of trauma and I just need space and time to heal without you being all up in my fucking business guilt tripping me all the time.” I literally spent 18 years of my life being hurt by my family in one way or another over and over again and now that I’m finally getting some freedom and clarity everyone wants to make me feel guilty about it.


"Culturally, it’s unacceptable, but it’s theatrical dynamite!" 


people who say blacks instead of black people are just in a hurry cause they have a white nationalist meeting to go to 

I really have no idea what I’m doing with my life artistically or otherwise. Maybe its just the stress I’ve been under lately, but I really don’t know what makes me happy anymore. I know I’m a great writer and there’s tons of levels I wanna reach in that field, but I honestly haven’t been able to sit down and write because I really haven’t wanted to, and I have no idea what that means for me right now, but I’m tryna figure it out. I also used to do a lot of dancing when I was younger and I loved it. Its something I would love to do now, but I’m so out of touch with my body and it’s been so long since I’ve done it that it feels almost unrealistic to pursue it again. Anyway, I’m poor and depressed and I feel out of touch with my art and I don’t know what my life is right now. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.

I lowkey just wanna be a dancer so I can shake my ass to black feminist music and do weird ballet accompanied by St. Vincent songs.


please wear condoms when sucking random dick,you can get gonorrhoea and herpes  ! And don’t let random guys finger you, you can get thrush !! And don’t use oil based lube, it weakens condoms ! Please stay safe hoes !! I love you 💘

  • Me: I wanna do something
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety: No you dont
  • Me: But
  • Anxiety: No

So if a black person bleaches their skin it's a form of self hate but if a women wants to be a man its all good?


it’s my birthday so I’m not even gonna turn up, but just know you a fuckboy and God hates you.

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Ugh, forever disappointed by the anti-black sentiments still present in Asian communities. Like, how many times do y’all have to be called out before you realize you’re being little shits? 😒👉


me during classes

  • "that’s racist"
  • "that’s sexist"
  • "there are more than two genders"
  • "ok but could we maybe not use that word"
  • "that’s ableist"
  • "there aren’t enough girls in here"